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  •  DSL/Cable/Dial-Up Installations & ConfigurationA Tech will install and configure your DSL/Cable or Dial-up modem from any ISP (Internet Service Provider). We will install the software and connect all cables required to network your existing machines.

  • Wireless Network – Connect your wireless devices (Laptop, Desktop, Printers, PDA) and share your high-speed wireless internet throughout your home or office. 

  •  Add a device to your Network – A Tech will connect a new machine, printer, scanner, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), or Cell phone, to your existing home or office network and configured it to share its resources. 

  • Secure your NetworkA Tech will perform a security audit on your home or office network to determine any vulnerability. We can install and configure security features such as: firewalls, proxies, port filtering and monitoring. We can make sure your router is secure by fully optimizing its security features such as MAC address filters, IP and port filters, Network address translation (NAT), control access list, and encryption. 

  •  Network TroubleshootingWe will troubleshoot any network issues so you can get back to being productive. We can fix any connectivity issues, router malfunctions, wrong network settings and configurations. We will even re-wire or replace any bad cable, network card, and hub or switch as needed.

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