Other Services ::

  • Phone Support We are here to assist you when you need it. From installing software or devices, to answering any technical question you may have about your system, we are here to help you. We provide phone support to assist you troubleshoot any network or PC issues you may come across. A Tech can help you Set-up or troubleshoot any digital device attached to your machines or install new software. Need answers or assistance with your computer? Call us. 

  •  Remote Support In many cases, we can help you troubleshoot a problem by connecting directly to your machine. With this service, we are able to provide support without having to actually ‘be there’. This means you may get a faster resolution to your problem without compromising productivity.  Let a Tech show you how to install, configure, or troubleshoot a particular application or operating system remotely.

Remote Software Used by our Techs:

                          *To download the Crossloop client, click Here